Android Girls Threaten Matrimonies in Cameroon


Married women in Cameroon have been plunged into a serious state of fear of the unknown as they struggle to keep their husbands away from the clutches of the millions of young girls spread around towns and cities in the country; these young women have been considered to be ‘’lionesses’’ who are out to snatch away their lovely husbands with their sexy young curves portrayed by some sleek clothing. The girls move around streets in most towns in Cameroon dressed in ‘’Eve’s’’ clothing drawing attention from everybody and anybody; while some of these girls think they are simply following the trends of fashion, others are out to attract men for money (sponsorship) and they care less about the marital status of the men they attract, looking only on the ‘’weight’’ of the man’s pockets. Married women therefore have started seeking for ways to be able to protect their homes from these ‘’devourers’’ and some have adopted very draconian measures which most of the times have become counter-productive.

A lady in Douala who’s been married for closed to 18 years was suddenly threatened by these young girls and her measure to counter them led her to destroy her home; she went to a native doctor and collected a love portion which she intended to tie down her husband with, little did she know that the effects could be catastrophic. The lady’s plans were however foiled when her husband got to see the love portion and fled from their matrimonial home in the Ndogbong neighborhood in Douala, together with his children. All efforts to make her husband see reasons with her has proven abortive as her beloved husband now fears her more than he does the android young girls.

No matter how frightening the idea of losing one’s husband is, women must be careful not to scare their husbands into the snare of these young ‘’lionesses’’, but instead must concentrate on taking very good care of their husbands so that they will see no reason to look elsewhere.


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