The offices of the Minister of Secondary Education and of the Secretary General of the said Ministry have been ravaged by a ‘’mysterious’’ fire that occurred on October 23, 2017.

Though no loss of lives was recorded in the incident, enormous material damages were signaled and several worrying questions have however emanated from it, causing fingers to be raised, pointing to several directions.


This is one of the major questions that have arisen since the fire incident at the MINESEC.

This is because, firstly, the fire only consumed the Minister’s office at the 9th floor of the MINESEC building, and also the Secretary General’s office at the 8th floor. Several offices are located at the 8th and 9th floors of the building but were not affected by the fire as if to say the fire was guided by someone who wanted only those two offices to be affected.

Secondly, so many people have asked the question as to why it is only now that the Supreme State Audit (CONSUPE) delegation is about to visit the MINESEC that this fire is appearing from rather nowhere.

With the Supreme State Audit to visit the MINESEC before the end of October, many are they, Cameroonians who think that the fire incident at the Ministry of Secondary Education is not ordinary as revealed by the National Fire Fighting Brigade in Yaoundé



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