Security Tight in Jakiri after the Killing of a Gendarme Officer


November 06, 2017, will be remembered for the wrong reasons by the family of a young gendarme officer as the day they lost their dear son in the line of duty.

Bienvenue Djengei, a gendarme officer from the West Region was brutally murdered by unidentified young men in the village of Jakiri in the Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

According to reports, the young soldier was part of a security team that attempted to disperse some youths from halting school activities in one of the government secondary schools in Jakiri.

The young officer was ambushed by masked men as he engaged in a one-man patrol in the village, his gun seized and used to kill him according to unconfirmed reports .
The village of Jakiri is been ransacked by security officials as the search for the murderers of officer Bienvenue hits top gear.


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