“#SENATORIAL ELECTIONS IN FAKO TAKES A MYSTICAL TWIST#” Sonne Love Daniels writes on His Facebook page

"#SENATORIAL ELECTIONS IN FAKO TAKES A MYSTICAL TWIST#" Sonne Love Daniels writes on His Facebook page


Senator Mbella Moki Charles has once more come under social media attack from a social media user whose name on facebook is Sonne Love Daniels, the social media user accuses Senator Mbella Moki for alleged occultic practices.

This comes barely few days after a woman breast was cut off at Bakweri town a small locality in Buea the regional capital of Fako Division

TNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of the story, the social media user and the motives behind the story.

Below is what Sonne Love Daniels wrote on his page

“Sonne Love Daniels 


Same time in 2013 when senate elections were announced, a 68-year old man was beheaded in Buea Town by his own son and the head brought at the Buea Council. A few hours later, the tongue of was extracted for fortification rituals to ascend to the Senate. The young man in question upon interrogation at the legal and judicial department, he revealed he was given the sum of two hundred and fifty thousands francs (CFA 250,000) by the then Mayor of Buea Mbella Moki Charles to bring the father’s head for rituals in order for him(mayor) to ascend to the Senate. Mr. Mbella Moki was summoned and interrogated by the legal department as well as the Judicial police in Buea. Despite the facts on ground and the traces of blood at the council, money played it’s devilish role and the case was dropped. At present, the later (young man) is lavishing in jail without the former (Mr. Mbella Moki) who has enjoyed the senatorial immunity for five years. On Wednesday February 21st 2018, shocking news lingered around the Buea Municipality on the extraction of a young lady’s private part and two breast. It is alleged in an open story that the senator Mbella Moki Charles has done it again. The young lady (victim) is currently lying critically sick at the mercy of God in the Regional Hospital in Buea. While the Judicial police has opened investigations, the prime suspect(principally accused) has vanished from the city of Buea. Must you use blood and human parts to maintain power? What a pity!!!”



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