Osih wins, regime panics, as smear campaign over his nationality swells


The election of 49 years old Business magnet and SDF MP to represent the party at the forthcoming presidential elections is causing panic in some quarters.

The election of Joshua Osih who got over 80% of total votes at the just ended three days SDF convention in Bamenda has dominated local and continental news as many see him as real hope to Cameroon’s ailing leadership begging for change

But while President Biya is yet to declare his intention to run for the same position he has occupied since when Osih was just 14 years old, government friendly media have embarrassingly launched a smear campaign against the man many see as a threat to Biya’s everlasting grip you power

Despite being in active politics for over 20 years now, the South West originated Osih has risen to political prominence, becoming the national Vice President of his party, Cameroons biggest opposition party and is currently a sitting member of the national assembly where he currently enjoys the status of a MP.

After his election on Saturday, some media organs now say he might not be a Cameroonian after all, brandishing the controversial dual citizen law of Cameroon which government has used in the past to purge political opponents.

The law states that if any citizen picks up a foreign nationality, he or she loses that of Cameroon and it is reported that many government ministers, footballers and top officials in the country have dual or more than two nationality, yet still takes part in active politics with the ruling CPDM

Osih stands accused of holding a Swiss nationality and that charge if true is good enough to disqualify the same person who ran for elected office of MP unnoticed.

While the candidates or his party is yet to officially respond to the nationality saga, observers says it shows the panic stricken regime, wary of any real challenge in the forthcoming elections.


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