CRTV BUEA send out red Alert; S.W.R Governor Declares 30 day’s curfew in 5 divisions

CRTV BUEA send out red Alert; S.W.R Governor Declares 30 day’s curfew in 5 divisions


The governor of the South West Region Bernard Okalia has instituted 30 days curfew in some key Divisions in the South West Region from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am for all commercial and private vehicles.

The divisions are Meme, Manyu, Kupe-Muanenguba, Lebialem and Ndian. According to the communiqué signed by the South West Governor Bernard Okalia, ONLY vehicles belonging to D.O’s, SDO’S, Mayors, Law enforcement officers and ambulances will be exempted from the curfew.

Governor Okalia communiqué comes out barely few days after Regional Manager of CRTV Buea Kangue William Wassaloko, wrote a letter to the Grand officer of the order of Valeur informing him of imminent threat from unidentified men calming to be affiliated to the groups fighting for “restoration of former British southern Cameroon”.

Kangue William Wassaloko in his communiqué highlighted that threat came from a call received at CRTV were the caller threaten to take over the radio, Kidnap senior administrative officials among others.

Hence Kangue William Wassaloko concluded that there is need to increase security at the regional station and the region as a whole so as to keep the region safe.

Economic impact of the Curfew

The communiqué signed by Governor Okalia has been seen as a catalyst for slow economic growth in the South West Region. This is because all businesses will equally close at 7:00 pm as the case has always been in similar situation within the affected areas.

However, the curfew will help the government to track down the activities of some of the unidentified men and will help reduce their activities since cars will not be moving around 7:00 pm.


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