Paul Atanga Nji: Vetoes Circulation of Bikes in Ndian & 5 Subdivisions in S.W.R; 3 Things You Need to Know

Paul Atanga Nji: Vetoes Circulation of Bikes in Ndian & 5 Subdivisions in S.W.R; 3 Things You Need to Know


Cameroon Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has banned the circulation of Moto Bikes locally known to many as Okada in some FIVE Subdivisions and the entire Ndian Division in the South West Region for 7 to 10 days renewable.

The affected areas are Ndian division, Muyuka, Konye, Kumba I, Kumba II, Kumba III subdivisions respectively.
The Territorial Administration boss Paul Atanga Nji highlighted that the reasons for such decision is to bring order to the chaotic sector which has been seen as a catalyst to commit crime by men of the underworld and secessionist fighters.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji pointed out that the decision is to help stabilize the affected areas; which for some time now have been experiencing insecurity from some misguided individuals.
He equally pointed out that many of young girls have been rapped, and forces of law and order have been killed by Anglophone secessionist fighters who use Moto Bikes to commit these crimes.

The March 8 decision is coming barely few days after the Governor of the North West Region Ban the circulation of Moto Bike in 3 Subdivisions that is Balikumbat, Widikum and Batibo respectively for similar motives.
According to the MINAT boss communiqué it will be monitored by both governors to ensure that everything moves on well so as to stabilize the regions and to bring peace to the affected areas.
Effect on the ban to the local community
Economy Impact
The affected areas in the South West Region will suffer from an economic meltdown because most of their activities are being down using motor bikes owing to the bad road situation of the areas.
Hence farming product will have difficulties reaching the homes, markets and some business centers; this will cause scarcity in food supply within the divisions as bikes have been grounded.

Most of those genuine people who depended on Moto Bike transport for their daily income will face difficulties because they have been stop from working hence meeting houses will suffer the effects from savings and loans recovery from members who depended on Commercial motor bike as a major source of income.
Social Effects
Considering the poor nature of the roads especially Ndian which is usually muddy during the rainy season the population will have to trek for long distances from one village to another. This is because it is difficult for vehicles to move in the areas in fact the roads are mostly accessible by Moto Bikes during the rainy season.
Looking at the state of the roads now the affected areas will enjoy the muds of the road while trekking for long distances.
The question now is how will emergency cases be treated for those who will be in need of medical care?
Security Impact
The decision will help the government to limit the activities of the secessionist fighters and will force the population to cooperate will the government in order to live a better life free from retractions
The decision will equally help government to put order in the already chaotic Motor Bike sector as bike riders will be force to organized themselves and keep track records of their members so as to continue, with their normal activities

Some critics have condemned the decisions saying it is draconian.


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