“Is the dialogue initiator in the ongoing Cameroon Anglophone Crisis walking on foot?” Christians ask God as they commemorate Good Friday

 “Is the dialogue initiator in the ongoing Cameroon Anglophone Crisis walking on foot?” Christians ask God as they commemorate Good Friday


As Cameroonian Christians within the 8 regions joints their counterpart all over the world to commemorate Good Friday, a day which is believed that Christ was crucified on the cross so that mankind can be redeemed from their sins; their brothers and sisters in the English Speaking Regions spend time instead to pray for peace and justice as they are going through hell because of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.

“Oh God we pray that those who arrested/Kidnapped “Mr Dialogue” should release Him so that we can know peace and return back to our normal activities, so that our children can effectively go back to school, so that our villages in all the various divisions enjoy life as they use to, above all let justice prevail in Cameroon” these where some of the prayers resonated by Some English speaking Cameroonians as they celebrated GOOD Friday.

In the some key Divisions in the two English Speaking Regions of Cameroon, Christians are celebrating Good Friday in conflicts as most of them in some key Divisions within the regions are leaving in Bushes, while others are suffering in Nigeria as refugees as the conflicts shows no sign of ending.

The Cameroon Government is pointing Fingers to Anglophone Separatist while Anglophone Separatists too are pointing fingers to the government forces to have escalated the conflict.

As the fingers pointing game continues more and more people both civilians and security forces are being killed, properties are being destroyed and more and more people run to the bushes seeking for refuge while others are running to Nigeria.

The song for the most cherished dialogue has been on for almost two years now but stakeholders seems not to understand the rhythms of the song of ‘Dialogue” they are singing as  the more the sing the song, the more the crackdown and violence on both side increase.

The Questions that Christians are asking God are “Oh God when will the dialogue start? Oh God where did we go wrong? Oh God when are we going to return to our homes again? Oh God when are we going to have justice? Oh God will Cameroon ever be the same? Oh God what will our leaders tell you when they meet you? But as Christians all they could conclude was father let your will be done.

And as you commemorate Easter and God Friday please put Cameroon in prayers, put that old mothers and fathers, the innocents youths and those in refugees camps in Nigeria in prayers, put the Cameroon security forces too in prayers that they may carry out their job with the fear of the lord, put the entire Cameroon Anglophone Communities in Prayer put the leaders of Cameroon in your prayers.




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