Paul Atanga Nji Peace Report Card Under fire “Stay vote & get Killed or Leave & lose your voting right” Prof. Kale recounts voters nightmare in Menji, Kupe Manenguba, lebialem as SDF heads to the Constitutional Council.

Paul Atanga Nji Peace Report Card Under fire “Stay vote & get Killed or Leave & lose your voting right” Prof. Kale recounts voters nightmare in Menji, Kupe Manenguba, lebialem as SDF heads to the Constitutional Council.


“The manner in which the elections were conducted in the South West don’t rise up to the description that has been peddled by the Minister of Territorial Administration”

“Where else in the world will the government agreed to organize an election in a war zone, and expect that election to be conducted in an orderly or in a peaceful manner to produce results that reflects the free, fair, exercise of the voter where else in the world? I can’t of any except here in Cameroon.”

Prof. Kofele Kale the head of the Senatorial List for the South West Region, for Social Democratic Front Party Cameroon major opposition party fires back at the Cameroon Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji for telling Cameroonians and the International Community that Cameroon Senatorial Elections went well and was peaceful, fair, transparent and was conducted under non-violent environment.

According to Professor Kofele Kale the senatorial elections results in the South West Region of Cameroon should be cancelled by the Cameroon Constitutional Council because of massive elections irregularity else upholding the result means striping off over 200 councilors of their voter’s rights in subsequent elections whose fault was not of their making.

Contrary to Minister of Territorial Administration press briefing which stated that the elections took place under peaceful environment, Prof Kofele Kale debunks the minister claims and pointed out that the was constant gunfire in some major polling stations which made over 200 councilors not to vote hence going by the Cameroon Electoral law Sec.227 all 200 councilors will lose their voters right.

Professor Kofele Kale Equally disclosed that 18 Councilors out of 92 were airlifted to go and vote else, this shows elections irregularities as the government only selected councilors they know will vote only for the CPDM party. While in Bangem security forces accompanied only a hand few of councilors to the polling stations and abandoned the others who were also hiding from the threats of the unknown.


Quizzed on what the party seek to gain from the petition send to the Cameroon Constitutional Council, Professor Kale told the press that   “Democracy doesn’t guarantee a result but it guarantees a process, the process is what we brandish around all over the place, transparent, peaceful, free, fair that is the process which democracy guarantee and I am asking the constitutional council to guarantee me that process not the result.”  

This is what professor Kofele Kale told the press

“The ex-cathedra declaration by the minister of territorial administration in effects that the elections that took place on Sunday 25th March  2018 were peaceful, orderly, free, fair and transparent have already been relayed to the entire National territory and most Cameroonians who watch news broadcast or listen to the news over the radio have heard that.

I thought those assertions warrant a response from the man who headed the SDF list for the senatorial elections that took place last Sunday in the South West, in a region were contrary to the minister pronouncement, the elections that took place failed to meet the minimum internationally accepted standard for a free, fair and transparent elections.

As a matter of fact what took place in some part of the south west region was a travesty that did not in any way edify the valiant struggle Cameroonians have waged, and the enormous sacrifices that they have made over the decades to midwife and grow anisette democracy.

Ladies and gentlemen I think the comes a moment in a people’s life, in a nation history when even government ministers in respect of the principles of intellectual honesty have to bow down to the truth, have to bow down to the facts and not try to spin them for reasons of political expediency.

With very qualify exceptions in Meme, Fako, the elections that took place on Sunday 25th March in the South West defy reasons, consider roughly ¼ to 1/3 of the councilors in the south west region didn’t vote could not vote not through any fault of theirs because they were all in hiding.

We are talking of roughly between 160 to 200 councilors. And they were placed in what I consider a “Hobbesian” choice stay vote and be killed or run to save your life now in those circumstances it is difficult to say election that elections took place and they were free and fair because as I said a sizable portion of the electorate that didn’t have the chance to exercise its free will in terms of the guaranteed right, the protected right to vote for their senators of their choice.

In Bangem throughout Sunday March 25th there was constant nonstop gun fire exchange of gunfire we are not talking of sporadic fire we are talking of nonstop gunfire. In Menji same thing were both towns it is fair to say were deserted, those reports are fairly concordant in the sense that there is sufficient corroboration to suggest that there is no way elections could have taken place in those two towns certainly not in the context that the minister described as peaceful, orderly, free faire and transparent.

The interesting thing is this the electoral code in it Sec. 227 paragraph two mandates all councilors to take part in senatorial elections on pain of losing their rights to vote, that section of the law unfortunately the Cameroonian legislator fail to anticipate the force major circumstances that made it difficult for the councilors of Bangem, the Councilors of lebialem shall we say and the councilor of Kupe Manenguba to vote.

Be that as it may if we follow the law the failures of these councilors to vote on Sunday automatically means the loss their right to vote and our submission is very simple if the Constitutional Council validate the results of the South West senatorial elections then it has no choice but to also declares the councilors who didn’t vote as haven’t violated Sec 227(2) of the Electoral code which means that in validating the result those councilors automatically losses their right to vote I don belief the law gives the constitutional council any choice my reading of the law doesn’t give it any choice to the possibility of facing a faceless guerilla army of not voting it is clear”

Kofele Kale questioned Minister Paul Atanga Nji Peace report card after Senatorial Election.



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