Anglophone crisis: Cameroon Chief of Army Staff General Rene Claude Meka caution military in Bamenda to respect the laws of the land.  


Cameroon Chief of Army Staff General Rene Claude Meka has charged the Cameroon military fighting the Anglophones separatist arm groups to stand by the laws of Cameroon as they carry out their patriotic duties in defending the territorial intergrity of Cameroon.

General Rene Claude Meka was speaking in Bamenda chief town of the North West Region of Cameroon which happened to be the epicenter of the ongoing crisis on Wednesday 11th April 2018 to the 5th Combined Military and Gendarmerie Region of the West and North West regions of Cameroon.

Chief of Army Staff pointed out to the military that to win the conflict against arm Anglophones separatist the population has to be collaborative by giving out credible information to the military and that can only happen if the military avoid excesses on the local population, treats them well and above all respecting the laws of Cameroon in the course of their fighting.

General Rene Claude Meka however used the opportunity to thank the security forces fighting the arm Anglophones separatist fighters for their hard work in protecting the territorial integrity of Cameroon.

The visit of General Rene Claude Meka to the 5th Combined Military and Gendarmerie Region of the West and North West regions of Cameroon has been seen by many as a good move which will help increase cooperation between the military and the civilians in fighting the war against the arm Anglophone separatist fighters.

It is important to note that tens of thousands Cameroonians in the North and South West Regions are living in Nigeria as refugee while thousands are in the bushes for fear of alleged military and arm Anglophones separatist fighter’s brutalities as has been the case in some key divisions  in the North West and South West Region.

So have lost their lives both military and civilians, others arrested, some missing, others kidnapped, villages burnt down just to name but these.

The question that law abiding Cameroonians who have all been affected by this crisis that stated in 2016 November as a result of teachers and lawyers civil disobedience is when will all the killing of security forces and civilians, arrest, torture, burning down of villages, looting, kidnapping, ends?

Cameroonians should know that what UNITES them is greater than what divides them and should focused on what UNITE them than what divides them. There is strength in Unity than division and JUSTICE, EQUALITY are the corner stones of Unity.

Photo credit: Cameroon news agency (CNA)




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