Cameroon President Send strong Signal to SDF ahead of the Upcoming Presidential Election as he appoints 30 Senators all CPDM.

Cameroon President Send strong Signal to SDF ahead of the Upcoming Presidential Election as he appoints 30 Senators all CPDM.


Cameroon president Paul Biya has appointed 30 Senators to complete the Upper House as stipulated by the Cameroon Constitution following the March 25 Senatorial election.

The 30 appointed Senators are all CPDM loyalist leaving the CPDM part with the only party having parliamentary group as SDF lack an acceptable number to form a parliamentary group.

This move is coming as the nation prepares to launch the 2018 presidential, Municipal and legislative election. From the appointment it shows that the leading opposition party SDF will have a hard time in the upcoming elections as CPDM party controls the upper house of parliament.

In total CPDM has 83 senators and SDF has 7 and the others have 10.

Here is the complete list of the appointed senators and their ultimate

Mohaman Gabdo, Moussa Sambo, Djaratou Mohamadou
Alirou Mamadou, Daouda Oumarou, Mme Hadjidjatou

Nkodo Laurent, Mpongmoni Jean Marie, Mbida Mvondo Albert


Bihina Eloundou Floribert, Abanda Metogo Valère, Abessolo Nomo Thierry Martial


Ze Nguelé Réné, Diwala Moni Hilarion, Aboui Marlyse


Aleokol Jean Marie, Voumia Rigobert, Gbwa Zacharie

Far North

Mahamat Bahar Manouf, Dakollé Daïssalla, Babaya Chefchef


Essena Mahamat, Daroue Jean Claude, Moustapha Halilou

Madiba Songue,Etame Massoma David Siegfried,Ngayap Pierre Flambeau


Essombadje Patrice, Celestin Ketchanga, Mme Ngossing epse Dikobo


Aboubakari Abdoulaye, Hayatou Aïcha Pierette, Boubakari Ousmanou


Bouba Samari Bernard, Mohamadou Bayero Fadil, Nihi Dawaye

North West

Fon Doh Ganyonga III, Fon Chafa Issac, Mme Regina Mundi


Djadje Manu Guy Dado, Atanga Charles, Aga Martin Kum


Mbombo Njoya Ibrahim, Ndjomo Kamga Honorée, Niat Njifennji Marcel


Paboutam Mariatou epse Montapon, Kamdem Didier, Ouembe Ken Samuel.


Ngally Ngoua Pierre Henri, Menye Ondo François Xavier, Bisseck Paulette

Mme Ndo Angeline, Edou Emmanuel, Oyono Robert
South West

Fon Mukete Essimi Ngo Victor, Chief Anja Simon Onjwo, Leke Bessongo Akemfor


Mambe Aniece, Monono Humphrey Ekema, Mbou Lucie



  1. IT doesn’t come as a surprise for Mr Biya to appoint all 30 senators from within the ranks of his party. He needs every bit of their support in return during the presidential elections later this year. Nobody expects the president to give or attempt to give political power to his rivals. The SDF is struggling to implant itself across the National Territory in a country where the notion of democracy & attainment of political power through elections is steeped in mistrust & lack of confidence.
    Cameroonians across the board must be capable come out of their cocoons of riverie & recognize that for this country to develop, there’s need for political competition at all levels of governance. Hence taking part massively in subsequent elections & choosing politicians from different parties & from the ground-up is the surest way of beginning to dismantle this cpdm hegemony…it is unhealthy, asphyxiating, & to say the least counterproductive for our collective growth & development as a nation. Only the cpdm politicians benefit from such an arrangement…even Cameroonians from where these politicians emanate fo not usually get the required benefits.
    It is time that we (esp our brothers & sisters east of the mungo) should wake up from slumber and be politically conscious & understand a simple logic that when power is shared through elections development will follow.


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